Motor Palm strives to provide the best customer service available.We have 24 hour phones and typically average 100 miles driven per day.Ask other providers how far the examiner drives per week.Our base rate as of January 2016 is $45 per hour for behind the wheel lessons . Anything more than 20 miles from Salem is 2 hour minimum since I do not charge travel time.There is no charge for travel time.Anything outside of these boundaries are subject to variable rates due to time and distance involved.  We serve the entire state, specifically the valley.  DMV knowledge test tutoring is $15 per hour . A full 44 hour comprehensive beginner course with 30 classroom hours and 14 driving hours is $425.00. This can be done in home to accomodate a changing schedule. We are experienced in working with ADD,  beginners, seniors, and foreign nationals.  We can help compensate for physical limitations caused by accident or stroke.  Call us if you have any specific questions 24 hours a day. (503) 551-6020