We have teen and adult programs to suit your needs. MICHAEL PHELPS DBA is fully certified to teach driving lessons and has completed checks on all instructors. At MICHAEL PHELPS DBA you will learn the foundations of safe driving, and there is an emphasis on the mechanics of driving, the execution of driving techniques and the rules of the road.

We utilize the most up-to-date textbooks, videos, and curriculum to guarantee you will receive the information you need to become a safe driver. You will be instructed in the correct mechanical aspects of operating a motor vehicle, will learn signals, signs and markings, rules of the road, starting and stopping, parking, braking and turns, and other topics to become aware of the responsibilities you assume when you obtain your driver's license.

  • Driving lessons for teens - $499

40 hours of class time and 30 hours of driving practice time.

  • Driving lessons for adults - $399

30 hours of class time and 20 hours of driving practice time for all new drivers.