Customer service.We are second to none in the state.No other school has a 24 hour live person phone.No other school is 24/7 available for lessons.We use a full size Dazzle scheme car.No other school can say that.We will do whatever it takes to provide a safe and valuable experience.Call or text today 503 551-6020 or call Office 503 371-0009. 24 hours / 7 days


You have come to the right place for your driving lessons! As you probably know, driving is risky, so it is extremely important to find a school that cares as much about safety as you do. At Motor Palm Driving School, you can be sure that our professionals will work diligently to help you become the safest driver you can be. To achieve this, we use a large,well marked vehicle with an additional brake on the instructors side.The Fabulous Zebracar logged over 47,000 miles last year.We can guarantee you interesting classes and personalized driving practice prepared by our professionally trained and fully certified instructors.  At our school, it is very important to have a professional teaching team and to provide outstanding and incomparable customer service. We prepare our students for a lifetime of safe driving, not just for the driving test. However because we teach our students to drive to a higher standard, we have an exceptionally high pass rate.